Closing Shot by Lindstrøm from their EP "Windings".

Directed and Produced by Oliver Clegg. 

Art direction and animation by Vrinda Zaveri, Kooch Chung and Happy Trails Animation with special thanks for Partizan

Via SmallTownsuperSound, Feedelity Music Publishing and Sony/ ATV Music publishing Scandinavia

Pace yourself.                                                                                                                       Junior Year Short Film made at RISD                                                  


Up Down Day Night Eeboo Eeboo Thesis Short May 2016

Animation by Vrinda Zaveri. Assistant Color by Kush Zaveri. Voice of Blake Greene

TMC London Film Festival (ModCon) - Official selection

Official Selection Short of the Month June 2016

Semi Finalist Los Angeles CineFest 2016

Animations done in a day with only words as prompts.                                                                   September 2015